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生産者へのメッセージ CGNへ

Dear CGN,

Hi everyone! I’m Yuta from online store department.
In May, the month of Fair Trade, we conducted a survey in our online store to collect messages from our customers to you! As a result, we received a lot of messages from our customers!
Our customers are all looking forward to your products! Please take a moment to read all the messages below!

Messages from Our Customers

・I always imagine our partners wearing, drinking and eating what you have made for us. Hope to meet you one day!

・Please continue to make attractive products. Little by little, society is changing. I pray that fair trade will become more widespread.

・I’m rooting for you! Thank you for all your wonderful products.

・I love your products, they are very good!

・I love it because I can feel the warmth you put into your products even when we are apart. Thank you for everything. Please take care of yourself and have a healthy life.

・I look forward to seeing your beautiful products.

・In these times, I would like to examine quality products more carefully than ever before. I am looking forward to it.

・I feel warmth and care. I wear it, eat it, and feel happy in body and soul.

・We hope that high quality will be duly recognized and better products will be produced.

・You all make me happy all the time… Thank you!

・We feel the value in products that can be enjoyed with a sense of culture and climate. We hope the producers are working with beautiful smiles on their faces.

・I am happy to feel that we are living in the same era, not only through your products but also through your articles and photos. Thank you very much.

・Thank you for a great product! Please keep ‘em coming!

・Somehow, I feel that fair trade products, unlike other products, are filled with the warm feelings of their makers, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and I want to treasure them.

・I hope to continue to find wonderful things in the future. I want it to be special just for me…

・Thank you for always making delicious food and comfortable, beautiful clothes. Wearing and drinking them gives me a different kind of moment. I like it very much.

・Thank you for making such wonderful products. Please preserve and pass on the important local culture.

・I would like to know more about the good qualities of the Philippines, which was originally a coffee producing area. Please continue to make coffee.

・Let’s improve together.

・Thank you for making a wonderful product.

・Thank you for all your wonderful products. I look forward to more in the future.

・Through Sisam, I not only enjoy shopping, but it has given me a chance to think about society as a whole. Just as what I have received from our partners is not only the value of the products, I feel that I would like to hand over something other than money.

・Good luck!

・The coffee is so good, I look forward to drinking it slowly with my husband first thing every morning! Oh, and a piece of chocolate!

・We support manufacturing that also helps producers become self-supporting.

・Thank you for the great product!

・I am happy to be able to hold in my hands something that is individually made by human hands in a distant place, and to be able to connect with others through the things I hold in my hands.

・Thank you for always making great products!

・Thank you for always taking care of us. We like your coffee very much.

・I love to buy from them because I can feel the love and pride in all of their products. It makes me feel like I am taking good care of them, so I think I am contributing to sustainability as well.

・May it bring even one more smile to your face.

・It is good to be able to work and receive money to enrich our lives and we are happy to be able to purchase good products as well. Please continue this effort.

・I want you all to live your lives as the main actors.

・Coffee farmer, I always enjoy your coffee. It has a nice aroma and gentle taste. It may be a difficult situation, but I hope I can continue to support you by purchasing your products on a regular basis.

・Thank you for everything♪

・Thank you for the variety of wonderful products. I am sure you worked very hard on them. When growing cotton, when raising coffee, there must have been a lot of work to prevent pests, vermin, and birds from harming the coffee. I wonder what kind of environment the person who made this is living in. I wonder if they are living well without anxiety every day. What are their favorite foods, what do they enjoy, what are their dreams for the future? Whenever I get a product, I am happy and thankful for it and suddenly think about it. I hope that your daily life is filled with small but sparkling moments of joy, even if they are small.

・Thank you for your wonderful products. There are many great products and I look forward to choosing and wearing them.

・Always delicious!

・Thank you for creating something that warms my heart!

・Thanks to all of you over the years, fair trade has become a daily routine rather than something special.

・I have started a regular coffee delivery service. Thank you for your delicious coffee in the midst of climate change, corona and many other difficulties 😊 I support you.

・We hope you can look forward to improving your own skills with satisfactory treatment.

・Thank you for the opportunity to feel the wisdom and skill of your land and handiwork.

・I am happy to think that we are connected through your products. I wish you a happy life🍀.

・Let’s do our best as fellow human beings living on the same planet ^_^.

・Thanks for all your hard work! Thanks for everything!

・I know this is a difficult time for you with the Corona disaster. We hope that we can contribute with our purchases, even if it is only a small amount.

・I would be happy if our purchase of fair trade products improves the status of women, or if our children have more money to pay for their education and have more opportunities to get an education.

・Thanks again for your great coffee.

・Every day I hope to help in even the smallest way.

・As a worker, I think it is important to shine while working. I know there are many hardships involved, but I hope that we can both live our lives while shining as brightly as possible.

・With the Corona disaster, there are still many difficulties in living and working in every country, but we hope to continue to support international exchange through Sisamu products.


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