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生産者へのメッセージ SASHAへ


Hi everyone! I’m Yuta from online store department.
In May, the month of Fair Trade, we conducted a survey in our online store to collect messages from our customers to you! As a result, we received a lot of messages from our customers!
Our customers are all looking forward to your products! Please take a moment to read all the messages below!

Messages from Our Customers

・I’m enjoying hand weaving shawl. Thank you for your high quality items! I hope your smileful life.

・I love the warmth of handwork in Indian print patterns. I use a block print shawl and a neem print shirt dress almost every day. They are a little different from the others, and I feel a sense of individuality that I can’t find in ready-to-wear items, which naturally makes me feel that I should treasure them because they were made for me. I also love the crocheted vests that are knitted stitch by stitch. Every time I wear any of the clothes, I feel a gentle feeling. I want to wear them with care for a long time. No matter how old I get, I am sure that what I really love will never change.

・Thank you very much for your wonderful products! Whenever I prepare for winter (because your scarves and gloves are so cute every year), I always check out Sisam Kobo, which deals in fair trade products!

・I always imagine our partners wearing, drinking and eating what you have made for us. Hope to meet you one day!

・I love handmade. I look forward to more good works in the future.

・Thank you for items that make our days happy and joyful.

・The fabric is soft and comfortable. Thank you very much.

・I would like to wear organic cotton, linen, and natural dyes. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to grow these products, but I am looking forward to seeing them in the future, so please take care of yourself!

・When I see the fine handcrafted items, I will use them with great care and keep them with me forever.

・Thank you for the lovely items. I love your rustic pieces. I will keep an eye on your work.

・All of our products have been used for so long that they are worn out. The desire to take good care of the items made for us and the love and comfort of wearing them make us do so. I believe it is also good for the earth. Thank you!

・I always think it is amazing to see the wonderful craftsmanship and handiwork. I want to use them for a long time, never get tired of them, and gradually add more good quality items to my wardrobe. I am rooting for you.

・I am a single mother raising a child, and I am concerned about my income. I would like to support the efforts of those who have the same concerns in other countries.

・I look forward to many more products in the future!

・Please continue to make attractive products. Little by little, society is changing. I pray that fair trade will become more widespread.

・I’m rooting for you! Thank you for all your wonderful products.

・I love your products, they are very good!

・I’m hoping for the best for my body!

・I love it because I can feel the warmth you put into your products even when we are apart. Thank you for everything. Please take care of yourself and have a healthy life.

・I look forward to seeing your beautiful products.

・Thank you for all your careful handiwork. I look forward to more of your work.

・I am taking good care of them, remembering their makers. I think “fair trade” is a wonderful experiment!

・I’m very happy to see women playing an active role 😃.

・In these times, I would like to examine quality products more carefully than ever before. I am looking forward to it.

・I feel very happy when I wear items made by fair trade partners that I meet through sisam. I always love the design and comfort of the items. I am looking forward to seeing more items made by these fair trade partners in the future.

・I feel warmth and care. I wear it, eat it, and feel happy in body and soul.

・We always feel the warmth of handmade items. I wear them like a talisman, admiring the delicate workmanship that we are unable to produce.

・I look forward to more of your fashionable, comfortable products!

・We hope that high quality will be duly recognized and better products will be produced.

・When I bought your products, I thought their quality was very good. Please continue to deliver good products.

・You all make me happy all the time… Thank you!

・Thank you for your beautiful work 😊

・There are people waiting for you and your work!

・We feel the value in products that can be enjoyed with a sense of culture and climate. We hope the producers are working with beautiful smiles on their faces.

・Thank you for your careful sewing ✨

・I am happy to feel that we are living in the same era, not only through your products but also through your articles and photos. Thank you very much.

・I feel a connection in the form of product purchases. Thank you for your handiwork that conveys warmth.

・I am atopic, so I look for products that are good for me and buy them. I’m so grateful I get to use you all the time!!! Please keep up the good work.

・Thank you for a great product! Please keep ‘em coming!

・Somehow, I feel that fair trade products, unlike other products, are filled with the warm feelings of their makers, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and I want to treasure them.

・I hope to continue to find wonderful things in the future. I want it to be special just for me…

・There are so many things I want but they are too expensive to buy. I will work hard so that I can buy it this year.

・It is simple, the material is gentle, and it is my favorite. Thank you very much.

・Thank you for creating clothing and belongings that can be used and loved for many years to come. Organic cotton, dyed with plants and trees, and handcrafted, comfortable, stylish clothes that I will never get tired of, and that I will grow to love as I wear them. I look forward to your products in the future.

・When I wear fair trade products, I feel that my heart also becomes beautiful. I believe this is because I am wearing the thoughts and wishes that are put into each product, as well as your hearts. Thank you very much.

・What I can do is to buy and support. Thank you for always bringing us wonderful products. I believe that a recycling society will lead to peace.

・Thank you for making such wonderful products. Please preserve and pass on the important local culture.

・I always look forward to choosing SISAM products, and I hope that all of our partners also enjoy producing them.

・Thank you for your wonderful clothes and goods. Every time I wear them, I can think of the person who made them.

・I’m rooting you.

・Clothes and accessories are carefully and carefully made by hand. I wear them with great care. It is really important to have clothes that have a face on the other side. Thank you for your trust and peace of mind.

・Please have fun while creating. I️ look forward to seeing the finished product.

・I love the warmth of sisam’s handcrafted products. I feel the warmth of the hearts of the partners is reflected in the products. The clothes are comfortable and I feel protected and safe. Thank you for always making wonderful products. I will continue to use your products.

・Thank you for your always pleasant and nice products.

・We look forward to seeing the products that you have worked so hard to create.

・Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful work, stitch by stitch. I know it must be really tough with the Corona Vortex, but please keep up the good work. I am looking forward to seeing your wonderful works again this year.

・Thank you for making these beautiful things 💖 I love them all. I love and cherish them 😌.

・Let’s improve together.

・Thank you for making a wonderful product.

・Thank you very much for your wonderful works. The added value of Sisam’s products is that they are helping people’s lives, but even if that were not the case, they are still very important to me. I love Sisam’s products. Thank you very much.

・Thank you, always, for your meticulous work! I feel gentle when I wear it on my body. I always look forward to seeing you again.

・I think everyone’s skills are very impressive.

・Thank you for all your wonderful products. I look forward to more in the future.

・Through Sisam, I not only enjoy shopping, but it has given me a chance to think about society as a whole. Just as what I have received from our partners is not only the value of the products, I feel that I would like to hand over something other than money.

・There are many attractive things. I know it is a lot of work, planning, etc. Thank you very much.

・We sincerely appreciate your careful work. Through fair trade, may we realize a society where we can respect each other.

・Thank you for creating such a lovely item!!!

・Good luck!

・I look forward to seeing more of your work.

・Thank you for always sending me wonderful products. You’ve taught me to appreciate handmade things, and it fills my days with a little happiness! Thank you!

・As long as it is good, I don’t think it will ever go out of style.

・I would like to use them carefully, feeling the feelings that are put into them, as well as the things produced by our hands. Take care of yourself!

・Thank you for your lovely work. They all make me curious!

・Thank you for always making wonderful and thoughtful products.

・I look forward to seeing more 💕.

・Thank you for your careful handiwork.

・I am always excited to choose the products that you have made for me, and I am always using them with care, knowing that my feelings and the feelings of everyone far away are connected through your products.

・Thank you for always producing great products!

・We support manufacturing that also helps producers become self-supporting.

・Thank you for the great product!

・I look forward to checking out the products on the SNS site every day.

・I am happy to be able to hold in my hands something that is individually made by human hands in a distant place, and to be able to connect with others through the things I hold in my hands.

・I feel enriched by living with handmade warm products in my life. Thank you very much.

・I love the texture of handmade embroidery, dyeing, and patchwork. I am thrilled to see not only the tradition but also the stylish sense. I hope you will continue to make products with your wonderful sense of style and fun!

・Thank you for a product that I can continue to use comfortably and safely 365 days a year for years to come.

・I like the comfort and quality.

・Thank you very much for a great product 😊.

・I am impressed by the careful sewing and I am very attached to it.

・Thank you for always making great products!

・Thank you so much for always making me feel like I’m wearing happiness!

・Thank you for always making beautiful, well-made and carefully crafted products❗️ Please keep up the good work 🎵

・Thanks to your careful handiwork, we can find wonderful things. Thank you very much.

・I believe that the circulation of fair trade products, in which people are not overly concerned about fair trade, but act on the choice they feel most comfortable with, will be a good cycle that will make buyers feel like taking good care of themselves. Please enjoy circulating these wonderful products!

・Thank you for all your comfortable and safe products.

・I love to buy from them because I can feel the love and pride in all of their products. It makes me feel like I am taking good care of them, so I think I am contributing to sustainability as well.

・May it bring even one more smile to your face.

・It is good to be able to work and receive money to enrich our lives and we are happy to be able to purchase good products as well. Please continue this effort.

・I feel very happy when I wear it. Keep up the good work!

・I always look forward to shopping with you. I look forward to more great products from you.

・We look forward to more of your wonderful, carefully handcrafted products that we can use for a long time to come.

・The warmth of your handiwork always soothes me. Thank you very much.

・Every time I see your tag, I feel a connection. Thank you for everything.

・I love warm handwork. It is a pleasure to encounter something that I like and want to use with care.

・I’m rooting you.

・I appreciate the careful craftsmanship and comfortable fit that only handmade products can provide.

・We want to use carefully made products with care.

・I want you all to live your lives as the main actors.

・We appreciate the fact that you make it with materials that are gentle to the body.

・Thank you for always making such wonderful items.

・Thank you for everything♪

・Thank you for the variety of wonderful products. I am sure you worked very hard on them. When growing cotton, when raising coffee, there must have been a lot of work to prevent pests, vermin, and birds from harming the coffee. I wonder what kind of environment the person who made this is living in. I wonder if they are living well without anxiety every day. What are their favorite foods, what do they enjoy, what are their dreams for the future? Whenever I get a product, I am happy and thankful for it and suddenly think about it. I hope that your daily life is filled with small but sparkling moments of joy, even if they are small.

・I am very interested in craftsmanship and handwork. I love your products just by imagining how long it took you to make them by hand. I hope you will continue to create wonderful works of art.

・I will continue to purchase regularly.

・In a world overflowing with mass-produced goods, I think it is wonderful that your products are safe, secure, and particular about their safety. I would like to continue purchasing your products.

・I’m rooting you.

・There are so many beautiful things to choose from and I enjoy choosing and looking for them. Thank you very much.

・I look forward to more great products from you. Best regards.

・Thank you for creating something that warms my heart!

・I am fascinated by the very detailed and careful handwork. Thank you for sending your thoughts to us from afar through your wonderful products. I hope to continue to feel the warmth of your handiwork in my life, so please let me support you by purchasing your fair trade products, even if it is only a small contribution!

・I look forward to seeing more great things from you in the future.

・The clothes and accessories are very heartwarming to wear and imagine the person who made them. Because they are made with care, they are comfortable to wear, very durable, and I have used them for years.

・The warmth and warmth of your products make me feel connected. Thank you for everything. I will continue to support you.

・Thanks to all of you over the years, fair trade has become a daily routine rather than something special.

・I don’t usually feel it, but this product just has a great feel to it. It is wonderful to feel that it was made with love.

・It’s wonderful and exciting to see. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

・Thank you for always delivering warm and wonderful works. Please take care of yourself during these difficult days.

・I always try to keep in mind in my daily life that we can continue to build such a system together so that we can change our daily life and environment to the one we want if we work hard enough. Be true to your heart. Most of the works that you make for Sisam also convey the feelings that you put into them. Thank you for your wonderful handiwork. I wish you a pleasant day today. Let’s work hard for each other❣️

・The clothes are very comfortable and pleasant to the touch, and if I could, I would wear something made by our fair trade partners every day. The accessories are also very pretty and beautiful, and I feel like my behavior becomes more polite when I wear them. Thank you for making such wonderful products!

・I learned about fair trade through Sisam. I look forward to each visit to see the various products that have been devised with careful handwork and attention to detail in the products.

・I will continue to support the spread of good organic products on the earth!

・The very idea of using a carefully handmade product with care is a blessing in itself!

・I used to live in Nairobi, and I like African things. I also like carefully made clothes and bags from Nepal and India. I look forward to seeing your works with a human touch.

・The work is always very careful and warm. It is empowering.

・Through your products, I feel that we are living together in the same world.

・Thank you for your thoughtful work 🎵

・Thank you for making a wonderful product.

・Thank you for bringing us warm and beautiful things from the heart. I am always thrilled to wear your clothes, thinking of the people who make them. Thank you for the connection.

・I’m rooting you.

・I am thankful to be able to wear the technology backed by tradition in a casual manner. Although I can only buy them from time to time, I cherish them and wear them comfortably.

・I always think of the people who make them and enjoy using them!

・Please keep up the great products.

・I would be happy if our purchase of fair trade products improves the status of women, or if our children have more money to pay for their education and have more opportunities to get an education.

・Thank you for always making wonderful products. I am always healed by your products that have a very relaxing aura. Please continue to make wonderful products. Thank you very much.

・We look forward to seeing your delicate embroidery, weaving, dyeing, and new work each season.

・Thank you for your beautiful work 😊

・I have been using Sisam’s products for more than 10 years. I use your products every day, feeling the warmth of the connection between the online store and the people at the store, who express the producer’s thoughts and feelings on behalf of the customer. I am looking forward to seeing more of your gentle and stylish works (I dare to call them “works” instead of “products”) in the future ❗.

・My feelings about clothes have changed. I want to continue to wear great clothes.

・Thank you for the wonderful products. When I hold the items in my hands, I can clearly see the careful work that went into them. They are comfortable and make me want to wear them every day.

・Thank you for all the wonderful clothes and sundries.

・Every day I hope to help in even the smallest way.

・I am looking forward to seeing your wonderful products.

・I’m so impressed with the care you’ve taken!

・Thank you for everything. sisam’s products are all soothing just by looking at them.

・I always feel strongly that every product (work) is created by “hands”. These days, mass-market products are overflowing. I love the misaligned patterns of the block prints. I would like to do “thoughtful” shopping so that our fair trade partners can produce their products safely and stably. I wish for peace in the world.

・Thank you for your handiwork that always warms my heart. Just by holding or looking at them, I am drawn to them because I feel the heart of the creator. I look forward to more of your warmth and tradition that I can feel only from your handiwork!

・I’m so impressed with the care you’ve taken!

・As a worker, I think it is important to shine while working. I know there are many hardships involved, but I hope that we can both live our lives while shining as brightly as possible.

・Thank you for always creating quality products with heart and soul. I think these products are suitable for any place and any time.

・Thank you very much for your wonderful works. I love the warm, handmade feel of your work.

・This is the first time I have seen fair trade products here, and they are all so beautifully designed!

・Thank you for always delivering your products with great care. I look forward to seeing more items with various designs and colors in the future.

・I was born in a different country than you, but I am learning many things everyday through my work, such as how to relate to people, discovering new things about myself, buying things I like with my income, and learning how to use my time. I feel that these experiences will become my assets. We are all children of the earth, born from the earth mother. I hope we can live together, appreciating many things and being grateful to nature.

・Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I will treasure it. I will continue to support you.

・We are grateful to you for bringing us such wonderful products that we could not easily make. Please keep up the good work.

・I always look forward to seeing your products on website!

・Thank you for connecting with sisam and for your many wonderful handiworks

・Thank you for your good products.

・I look forward to seeing many more of your tasteful and wonderful products.

・Please continue to support us and deliver great items.

・Thank you for all your wonderful products. I will continue to buy from you.

・With the Corona disaster, there are still many difficulties in living and working in every country, but we hope to continue to support international exchange through Sisamu products.





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