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Dear All of Producers

I’m Natsuho from online store department.
In May, the month of Fair Trade, we conducted a survey in our online store to collect messages from our customers to producers who produce SISAM’s products! As a result, we received a lot of messages from our customers to all of you!

Our customers are all looking forward to your products! Please take a moment to read all the messages below!

Messages from Our Customers

・Thank you for making the product with great care. I am a fan of gauze blouses. The more I use it, the softer the fabric will become and it will become familiar with my skin. The embroidered patterns make me feel warm, so I can relax on my days off and be energized at work. Even if a part of it is frayed a little, I can fix it and continue to use it carefully.

・I am very impressed with the beautiful embroidery you have done.

・I am always enchanted by the wonderful embroidery. Both the traditional and new pieces are fun and beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.





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●基本送料:650円(本州・四国・九州) / 1,200円(北海道・沖縄・一部離島) ●11,000円(税込)以上お買い上げの場合は送料無料。


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