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  2. 生産者さんへのメッセージ(to all of producers)

生産者さんへのメッセージ(to all of producers)

Dear All of Producers

Hi everyone!
I’m Natsuho from online store department.
In May, the month of Fair Trade, we conducted a survey in our online store to collect messages from our customers to all of you! As a result, we received a lot of messages from our customers!
Our customers are all looking forward to your products! Please take a moment to read all the messages below!

Messages from Our Customers

・I think it’s a very good job. I’m rooting for you.

・I want all of you to work with fun, not just lavor.

・I think that buying products with imagination of producers(all of you) is so worthy way to choose things.

・I think that there are many things I can learn from you, so I would appreciate it if you could continue to provide me with more information.

・I will take care of your items. I love all of them because they are in good taste and comfortable to wear! I hope you will be happy to give shape to your country’s traditions and culture and spread them to those of us in other countries. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

・Thank you for your products which make us happy. I use it carefully.

・I can’t afford to buy a lot of things, but I take good care of what I do buy. We wish you good health and a happy life.

・Thank you for everything!

・We support you.

・Thank you for always delivering wonderful products. I would like to do what I can to ensure that your techniques are passed on to future generations. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

・Thank you for everything !

・Your products are durable, long-lasting, and well-designed. I will continue to wear your clothes carefully.

・I feel relieve when I wear something made by all of you. Thank you very much.

・Consumers will not choose products that are not worth the price, even if the price is fair. Please do your best to continue to make good products that improve quality.

・I am impressed by your careful and sincere work. Please continue to deliver wonderful products that tickle my fancy.

・I wish you all the best in the future, and I hope you will continue to create wonderful products.

・Wearing soft and comfortable clothes will make my day more peaceful. It makes me feel gentle.I can be a good person, so I choose the best products that I want to have.

・I think your thouths are so respectsul for me. Thank you so much.

・I respect all of your attractive work.

・Even if we wear luxuary clothes, we cannot be happy without happy and rich mind. So, I am so moved by the word “I’m happy with family support.” I want the people all over the world be happy.

・I am very happy to be able to connect with producers around the world through SISAM.

・I will always support you. I will cherish and use it for many years to come.

・Thank you for always adding color to my daily life. I hope that I can share your wonderful products with my friends and family.

・I do not become conscious of producers, but I feel happy that your works make not only your income, but also your rewarding. I want you to continue to produce such a wonderful things.

・Everyone has a beautiful smile…I can see the way you live your life on your face.

・We have some complain for works unintentionally, but I realized that its so appreciate thing to have own work. “Live simply” seems like difficult, but I reallized that ourselves make things difficult. I will be happy if I hear your story again.

・Dear producers, The products made by all of you are so special. I use them for a long time. I am looking forward to seeing your next products.

・I could understand that you were making it very carefully and wholeheartedly.

・I realized that the feelings of a mother caring for her children, the creation of an environment where women can work comfortably, the feeling that if they do good deeds, they will eventually return to themselves, and the feeling of accumulating virtues, are all the same. thank you.

・In my daily life, I tend to get caught up in the details, so I really respect your passion for your work and your daily way of thinking. Please continue to take care of yourself. We are looking forward to the products arriving in Japan.

・Thank you very much for your skill, effort and time.

・Please keep your passion alive.

・I would like to take care of what you have made with love. thank you.

・Thank you for always making cute clothes. I take great care in wearing it. Even if I can’t wear it, I’m thinking of giving it to my daughter or diverting the fabric to something else.

・It’s great to be proud of your work. I think of my work as a rotation.

・I will continue to support you !

・I am always impressed by Sisam’s explanations of your products, and I am grateful to be able to wear such wonderful and traditional handicrafts as stitching, dyeing, and accessories.

・Thank you very much for your great products. Please keep up the good work.

・I will continue to support you.

・Thank you for your wonderful work.

・I am grateful for your efforts and for delivering wonderful products to us in Japan. Our countries are far apart and we rarely meet face-to-face, but when I pick up a product, I think of the people who make it. I hope everyone is healthy and in peace. Sending thanks and respect from Japan.

・I wish you all smiles everyday. Smiles to me and to those around me…

・I could imagine the women sewed and felt close to them. As a woman and a mother, I was able to do my best here.

・I keenly realize the importance of handwork. Handcrafted items have a warm feeling to them, and clothes made with care from the soil stage are really nice and comfortable. With the progress of mechanization and the rapid evolution of AI in recent years, there is a kind of fear about what will happen to human beings in society if things continue as they are. In such a way, I have respect for everyone who is loving life and making things with handwork. I want modern society to go back to its starting point. I sincerely hope. I look forward to your continued great works.

・Thank you very much for your wonderful products. I look forward to more in the future.

・I hope that you will keep these thoughts in mind from time to time so that you will not inadvertently forget them.

・I could know from your shining smiles that you are living with hope and pride even in a difficult situation. We will continue to cherish the items that are carefully made with all our hearts. Thank you!

・Thank you for the happiness of having a wonderful product!

・I was happy to see the people who appeared, not only to know that there are such people, but also to expand my imagination again that various people are involved in other familiar things. Thank you for letting us hear your voice.

・I was happy to see the people who appeared, not only to know that there are such people, but also to expand my imagination again that various people are involved in other familiar things. Thank you for letting us hear your voice.

・I thought that a simple way of life and happiness with family are very important. In an era overflowing with things and information, it’s easy to forget, so I was surprised. Thank you for the wonderful clothes and goods. I feel happy when I wear it in my daily life.

・The power of one person may be small, but we will continue to work steadily and without forgetting. Always keep the creators in mind. We support you.

・I am happy that I can get products made with care in the form of fair trade. I also enjoy looking at the product tag and wondering where it was made. In this column, I was able to feel closer to the producers.

・Everyone’s smile is lively and it’s very nice. I tend to choose clothes with fewer patterns and colors, but I thought it would be nice to combine colors and patterns, so I would like to use it as a reference.

・I always support your wonderful works!

・Thank you for your wonderful products. I will continue to support you!!!

・Thank you so much for your wonderful clothes. Your smiles are also very nice and I`m cheered up every time I wear them!

・I am proud of having your products in my daily life. I respect cultures in your community and I appreciate Sisam project because Sisam gives me opportunity to know about your industry and good projects. I respect cultures in your community and I appreciate Sisam project because Sisam gives me opportunity to know about your industry and good projects.

・Thank you for always making clothes for us to wear! They are very comfortable to wear. The embroidery has a different feel depending on the person who makes it, I have a hard time choosing which clothes to wear. It is a fun problem.

・Knowing the people, places, and backgrounds that make them makes me want to use them even more, and makes me happy when I wear them. I am always grateful for your help.

・I am glad to know the personality of the producers, and I feel like I am getting hints for living.

・I was deeply moved by the way of life of the producers, such as “The important thing is to live simply” and “Everything has a meaning”. These are the words I want to cherish.

・There are many traditional Japanese cultures whose producers are gradually decreasing, and I feel sad. I really envy you for having the craftsmanship to produce such wonderful pieces. In Japan, one of the reasons why the number of producers is decreasing is that there are concerns about income. I pray that the wave of fair trade spreads in a good direction. I look forward to seeing your works.

・I wear them with care. When I received the clothes, they made me feel that I want to wear them with care. Thank you very much.

・I am a big fan of the clothes you make. Your clothes are so comfortable, I love the designs, and I am happy to see that everyone who makes these clothes takes pride in their work.

・Let’s work hard together.

・I am a big fan of your clothes. I love the comfort and design of your clothes, and I’m so happy to see that you take pride in your work.

・I am always encouraged by your smiling faces and pride in your work. I would like to see more and more Fairtrade products in the hands of more and more people.

・Thank you very much for your thoughtful and beautiful products. I will cherish every item that comes to me for as long as possible. I am looking forward to receiving more items in the future.

・Thank you very much for delivering such a wonderful product.

・I am impressed with the smile of Rumanti-san,who creates a favorite of mine! I will buy mittens again!





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